29 Ocak 2021 Cuma

Gut Health and Running Performance

What you defecate is directly related to your running performance.

Online Running Coach Fatih Buzgan

I know you're not used to hear such a medical sounding statement from a random running coach but here I'm telling you this fact after decades of research I did. You might have heard that our intestines are our 2nd brain, true.

If your gastrointestinal system isn't functioning properly, it affects your ability to digest food and absorb the nutrients. This condition causes even mental retardation through malnutrition! You don't want to lose your Einstein-like abilities, right? Read on.

You know we have bacteria in our intestines, both good and bad. Bad ones cause bad things in simple terms, but good ones do really good things regarding our health. So we better keep them play in the game!

I wouldn't be able to win Dalyan Caretta Run Half Marathon race, if I were constipated or if I had diarrhea then


If we're constipated, we cannot get rid of the useless substance and the toxins within our bodies and they stay within us! You don't want that to happen, right?

There're countless reasons for constipation. Here are a few of them that are worth to mention;

1) Bad partner/spouse

2) Negative energy (through "friends", tv, social media, newspaper, colleagues etc)

3) High consumption of simple carbohydrates

4) Lack of fiber in your nutrition

5) Inadequate liquid consumption

6) Low electrolytes, particularly magnesium (This is directly connected with your high simple carb diet, as high insulin causes absorption of the magnesium from the bloodstream)

7) Low serotonin levels due to some of the stress factors I listed above and lack of some positive energy sources

8) Living an inactive life or not a "regularly" active life (like running twice a week and beefing around for the other 5 days)

I actually wasted a 2:39h marathon potential while having to run with a disturbed gut in my 2:45h Leipzig marathon performance. Lessons taken.


If you've diarrhea, you're doomed. You run out of gas, I mean fuel. Imagine that you've a Ferrari with no battery, it's useless. You can't show off anyone with an immobile sports car :) I think you got the idea.

Diarrhea, not only flushes the water out of your system, but also your valuable minerals that should stay within your bloodstream. Those are also called electrolytes, your electricity substances. If you've diarrhea, you've no electricity in your body! No proper nutrient absorption, no benefit obtained from those organic expensive foods, alas!

I've been coaching athletes at any level from all around the world and what I share with all of them first is, treat your gut with healthy foods, stay away from negative energy, feed your good bacteria down there in your body!

All these apply to living a healthy life, aside from being an athlete as well. So, it's better to keep these in mind and live accordingly :)

Have a great running time everyone!

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